The MNRB Scholarship Fund was established by MNRB Holdings Berhad in 1 April 1998 with an objective to assist in the development of the nation’s insurance and takaful industries by enabling promising students to have access to quality education in order to produce quality insurance and takaful professionals for the long term development of the Malaysian insurance and takaful industries.

Since then the Fund has awarded more than 430 bright Malaysians from all races to pursue full-time studies in Actuarial Science, Risk Management and Insurance at local universities. The Fund, in collaboration with the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII), also awards scholarships to employees of the local insurance industry to pursue part-time studies for the Diploma of the Malaysian Insurance Institute (DMII) and the Associateship of the Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII) certifications at MII.

Board of Trustees

Sharkawi Alis
Mohd Din Merican
Y.Bhg. Dato' Syed Moheeb bin Syed Kamarulzaman
Antony Fook Weng Lee
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Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

English Intensive Programme

Teambuilding & Training for MNRB scholars

2016 Scholarship Awards (Closed)

Fields of Study 

  • Insurance

  • Actuarial Science 

  • Risk Management 

  • Shariah  


Value of Scholarship 

Living Allowance

  • Local Matriculation / Foundation - RM8,000 per annum 
  • Local first Degree - RM10,000 per annum 
  • Overseas studies - Living allowance, relocation and other allowances 
  • A bonding period is attached 

Tuition Fees 

  • Public & private universities / colleges - On actual
  • Overseas studies - On actual 


Selection Criteria


Age 23 and below

SPM / Trial SPM

Minimum 6As, including English, Mathematics & Science; or


At least 3As and pass the General Paper; or

Matriculation / Foundation / Diploma / Degree

At least a CGPA of 3.50

English Essay

Must submit a 1-page handwritten English essay on reasons for applying for the scholarship, benefit from the course of study including education & career plans

Additional Criteria

Applicants must successfully apply for entry into recognized local or overseas institutions of higher learning to pursue the approved courses

Preference will be given to those active in co-curriculum activities

Must not be a recipient of a scholarship/loan/financial assistance from any other organizations


Candidates with TRIAL SPM / STPM RESULTS meeting the above criteria are encouraged to apply. Selected candidates will be given provisional scholarship offer subject to the variance between the actual results and the trial results being within an acceptable range


How To Apply:

Download the Scholarship Application Form here and send the completed form to the address below; or
E-mail us at; or
                  11th Floor Bangunan Malaysian Re
                  No. 17 Lorong Dungun, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Contact Info:
Tel : 03 – 2096 7160 (Puan Jannah)
Fax : 03 – 2093 0368


Closing Date: We regret to advise that application is now closed. 



  • Only shortlisted candidates will be called for interview latest by 15 February 2016
  • Ensure the completed application form is submitted with handwritten English essay, certfied copies of relevant certificates and documents. 
  • Kindly note that ineligible candidates, incomplete applications and applications received after the closing date will not be entertained. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What are the programmes offered under the scholarship?

A:  Full time study in IPTA and IPTS pursuing Matriculation / Foundation Programme / First Degree in Insurance, Actuarial Science, Risk Management and Shariah

Q2: What is Actuarial Science?

A: Actuarial Science is a discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to define and analyze business problems involving the cost of possible future events particularly in the assessment of risk in the insurance and the finance industries.

Actuaries find ways to manage a risk by:

  • Evaluating the likelihood of future events – using a number of interrelating disciplines, in particular mathematics, probability & statistics.
  • Designing creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events.
  • Decreasing the impact of undesirable events that do occur

Actuaries act as financial advisors too many organizations such as life and general (non-life) insurance companies, superannuation funds, bank, stockbrokers as well as the government.

Q3: What are the requirements to apply for the scholarship?
  • Age 23 years old and below, at the time of application
  • Candidates must have obtained at least 6As inclusive of English, Mathematics, and Science in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination; or
  • Obtained at least 3As and pass the General Paper in the Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) examination; or
  • Obtained a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 3.50 for Matriculation, Diploma or First Degree
Q4: I have not received the actual results. Can I still apply using my SPM/STPM trial results?

A: Yes, you can still apply, provided your trial results are in accordance with the criteria as mentioned above in Q3.

Q5: What if I am awarded the scholarship offer based on my trial results but the actual results could not meet the minimum criteria set in Q3?

A: If the candidate is successful in the interview based on the trial results, a provisional scholarship offer will be given subject to the actual results being within an acceptable range with the trial results or has met the minimum criteria set in Q3. Failing this, the provisional offer would then be revoked.

Q6: What if I was given the scholarship to pursue the course that was agreed upon during the interview but subsequently the university offered me a different course?

A: If the course offered to you is still within the field of studies appearing in the advertisement, your scholarship will not be revoked.

Q7: Is there any specific public universities or private colleges that the Fund would consider when awarding scholarships?

A: A local IPTA and IPTS would be accepted including private colleges of which the courses have been approved by Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia or The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Q8: Must the candidate have gained entrance into a recognized local institute before he/she can apply for the scholarship?

A: No. You can still apply for the scholarship even if you have not been enrolled in any institutions. However, the scholarship will only be disbursed to successful scholars upon successfully gaining entry into the approved programmes.

Q9: Would I be informed if I were not being called for interview?

A: No. Due to overwhelming response, only short-listed candidates will receive a letter to attend an interview.

Q10: When would the scholarship advertisement usually appear in the newspaper?

A: The advertisement will be published in early December in The Star, Berita Harian, Harian Metro and Kosmo.

Q11: How can we get the application forms?


Q12: Is there a bond attached to the scholarship?

A:  Yes, There is a bond where one needs to serve a stipulated Period of Compulsory Service with the Company or any its subsidiaries or any other organizations as directed by the Board of Trustees.

Q13: How long is the bonding period?

A: The length of the bonding period shall depend on the amount of scholarship expanded on the scholars during the course of his/her studies. Such period shall not be less than 2 years and not more than 6 years.

Q14: What if the candidate decides not to serve the bonding period?

A: The scholar and/or their Sureties (guarantors) would then be required to reimburse the amount of scholarship expended during the course of studies to the Fund.

Q15: How many Sureties are needed under the Scholarship Agreement?

A: Only 2 sureties and they must comply with the following requirements:

  • Malaysian citizen residing permanently in Malaysia;
  • Not a guarantor to any other parties;
  • Not a bankrupt;
  • Age not exceeding 45 years;
  • Should be of an acceptable financial position.
Q16: Could I write the essay in Bahasa Malaysia?

A: No. It has to be handwritten in English

Q17: When and where would the interview be held?

A: Interviews are held in early March each year at Bangunan Malaysian Re, Lorong Dungun, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

Q18: When would I be able to know the results of the interview?

A: Early April each year.